Personal Projects

Since I’ve left New York City, I noticed that New York is becoming a lot more like Norway — with a more environmentally-friendly trash organization system and publicly available city biking to boot. I decided to leverage some publicly available data from Citibike, in order to gain some insights into Citibike’s popular commuter routes. This exercise was largely a tool to teach myself SQL. I’ve always had an interest in marketing and wanted to give myself a challenge outside my everyday work within public health.

Tools used: Google’s Big Query, SQL



•Men are much more likely to be Citibike subscribers than women. 

•The majority of Citibike users are in the 30s-40s age demographic.

•Women avoid the crowded Midtown area. They bike in areas that are more bike-path dense.

•A larger number of vehicle-related cyclist fatalities occurred in Lower West Manhattan, where women also tend to cycle more